Musical Friendships Matter!

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One of the most underrated aspects of developing our own talent is the quality of musicians we play with on a regular basis. When we play with good musicians it ups our game. Seriously ups our game! On the other hand no matter how good a player might be – put them in a band of second-rate musicians and it becomes impossible for them to really shine.

What’s your perspective?

How have your musician friends and collaborators influenced your own development?

What have been some of the highs and lows of playing with different musicians and bands over the years?

All musicians have strengths and weaknesses. How has playing with different musicians either amplified your strengths or exposed your weaknesses and how did you react to those experiences?

Which has had a greater impact on your development as a musician – practicing at home or playing music with others?

One thought on “Musical Friendships Matter!

  1. Tom Schmidt says:

    All of the posts on this subject are very important to the new and older reso players and I commend Rob for posting this thread for everyone to comment on. are a very valuable asset to to our community !

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